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Just like people, animals can sometimes get stiff and sore in their spines and joints. This can often be due to lifestyle.

Our pets often have long periods of inactivity, when we are out at work, followed by bursts of energetic activity, when we play with them or take them out for walks. We have bred them to develop certain body shapes which are different to how they evolved naturally and we walk them on leads and harnesses, which sometimes they pull against.
We are also guilty of overfeeding them, and some are naughty and go off chasing rabbits, jumping fences and squeezing under gates. And of course as they get older they can get wear and tear to their joints.

Dogs and cats can also suffer from many of the same joint problems that we humans get such as prolapsed (slipped) discs or arthritis. We go to the chiropractor for help getting straight again so why not extend the same care to our pets?

Chiropractic should never be a substitute for veterinary care, and we work closely with the vets to provide a complete range of care for your animal. After being referred by the vet, your animal chiropractor will take a detailed history from the owner about the animal’s presenting symptoms and behaviour. The animal’s posture will be assessed and note taken of any asymmetry and differences in muscle tone as well as head and tail carriage. Movement or gait will be assessed for any lameness or stiffness or if the animal is moving in an unexpected way.

Tapir Treatment


Chiropractic adjustments are short rapid thrusts to the joints which restore movement and alleviate pain, allowing the body to return to its natural balanced state. The aim is to return each joint of the spine or limbs to its full range of motion according to the animal's natural conformation. Animals usually enjoy their treatments and will often stretch, roll, yawn or give themselves a shake after they have been adjusted.

You will be advised on aftercare as your animal may sometimes react to the treatment by being a little stiff and sore or even appearing worse for a day or two, this is normal and is just the body rebalancing itself. Your pet may also be off its food or be more sleepy after a treatment, but will very quickly feel much better. You will also be advised as to changes in exercise and ways to get, and keep your pet fitter.



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